Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision

My approach to psychotherapy and clinical supervision is to support individuals to build upon existing strengths and daily practices to ensure that they have the tools to live their life in alignment with their own values and desires.

Workshops and Training

I offer a series of workshops and trainings ranging from organizational capacity building, leadership support for people of colour; anti-oppression training from an intersectional lens; and conflict resolution skill building rooted in a healing justice framework.

Consulting Services

I office a range of consulting services inclusive of organizational assessments for diversity; grant writing, strategic planning and program development. Please email me for more information.

Workshops & Training

My workshops and training are all rooted in an intersectional feminist perspective. Some of the workshops and trainings I offer are:

  • Conflict and Liberation - how to use conflict as a generative force to deepen connection, authenticity and accountability within your organization and in your relationships.
  • Racial Justice and Collective Liberation - drawing from an anti-oppressive framework I support senior leadership and front-line staff to deepen their understanding on what interpersonal and structural challenges create barriers for social justice in our working lives.
  • BIPOC Power - this workshop supports BIPOC leaders to examine deepen their own leadership skills and practices from a decolonial perspective of power.

Rates: please contact me to learn more

tracey jastinder mann therapy toronto

"Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another. " ~ Toni Morrison